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Ledger Report Writer

Ledger Report Writer is a fully integrated, add-on module that allows users to create custom statements of activity and financial position from their chart of accounts.

Multi-site campuses and organizational headquarters use Ledger Report Writer to build organization-level custom statements of activity and financial position and allow their individual churches and schools read/write access to those reports from their own ConnectNow databases. Individual churches and schools use Ledger Report Writer to create their own custom statements of activity and financial position for finance councils, business managers, pastors, principals, etc.



Be Supported as the Safeguard of Funds


Build Your Own

Build Your Own Statements

Build Your Own

    Have the tools to ensure transparency and compliance among your organizations, aiding the overall financial health.   Develop the structure to capture the information you need from your chart of accounts—delivered in the versatile Excel format.   Create custom rows, columns, order, subtotals, detail and summary sections, statistical data, fonts, titles and subtitles, and page layout.
  Bring Accounts Together

Bring Any Accounts

Library of Reports

Create a Library of Reports for Your Orgs 

Automated Backups and Updates

Automated Backups 
& Updates

    Ability to put any accounts together in the same statement — even stack a statement on top of another — for ultimate reporting flexibility.
  Offer reusable, replicable custom statements across all the organizations you manage to standardize the accounting.
  Daily backups ensure your financials are secure. Regular, automated updates ensure your staff always have the most current software tools and tax tables.

More Notable Features 

  Support Team

Support Team

Smart Permission Settings

Smart Permission

    Support comes with your subscription. This includes 24/7 access to tutorials and videos.   Robust permissions allow staff/volunteers to only see content/ perform tasks specific to their roles.  

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