Secure, web-based  accounting.


Compare ConnectNow Accounting with Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a great system for small business owners managing their own bookkeeping. For churches, however, ConnectNow Accounting offers a decisive advantage with its built-in controls and all the functionality of a program designed specifically for churches and schools. Compare these key differentiators:



ConnectNow Accounting


Browser-based, nothing to install Requires desktop 'client' installed
Unlimited users, support, and updates Per user fees, updates and upgrades not included; separate support for hosting
Single database for all organizations:
  • No import/export or 'sync'
  • All information is real time 
Multiple databases:
  • Requires import/export for consolidation and reporting 


Proper controls by design:

  • Locked down chart of accounts
  • Closed periods
  • User permission by function
  • Nonprofit reporting that reflects church ministry

Requires workarounds:

  • Must search and clean up 'unauthorized accounts' in chart of accounts
  • User can modify prior periods
  • User can modify checks
  • Secular reporting designed to show profit and loss
Designed for churches, schools, and nonprofits Not designed for nonprofit (fund) accounting
Single license; single login  Requires two licenses for parish and school; requires multiple logins in some cases
Uses browser only, accessible anywhere  Uses Terminal Services (not Citrix, browser, other)